• Success Without Stressful Cramming

    Success Without Stressful Cramming

    Learn strategies used by top students to study less and achieve more, leaving more time for leadership, service, and fun.
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  • Powerful, Convincing Application Essays

    Powerful, Convincing Application Essays

    Learn to write one essay that will wow admissions and scholarship committees, and use it over and over.
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  • Clear Career Goals as Early as 11th Grade

    Clear Career Goals as Early as 11th Grade

    Pick the right college the first time and avoid expensive transferring! We direct you to three inexpensive assessments that will help you figure out career goals early - so you can apply only to colleges that have exactly the major and program you need.
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  • Attention Getting College Aps

    Attention Getting College Aps

    Learn to create college applications that get you more money for school.
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  • Plus, Our Attendees Pay Less For College!

    Plus, Our Attendees Pay Less For College!

    Learn 30 clever strategies for getting other people to pay for your kids' college.
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  • Are You Parenting Kids Age 14-24?

    Are You Parenting Kids Age 14-24?

    Learn to parent so kids are highly motivated to work hard, ready to succeed, and top contenders for college scholarships.
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  •  Do You Plan Events For Students Or Parents?

    Do You Plan Events For Students Or Parents?

    Draw parents and students to your campus with a BRILLIANT IN COLLEGE event.
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  • Headline Speaker Jeannie Burlowski

    Headline Speaker Jeannie Burlowski

    Nationally known speaker, consultant, and author of the book "6 Things You Absolutely Must Do to be Brilliant in College."
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We help students succeed brilliantly in college, graduate near-to-debt-free as possible, and move into careers they excel at and love. Choose one of our seminars for an evening session, two or three for a Saturday event, or fold all 6 into a life-changing weekend conference that parents and students attend together.

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  • Free Help For Families

    Hi.  I'm Jeannie Burlowski, and I'm mentoring a group of middle school and high school parents who are taking intentional, early steps to help their kids to 1)  succeed brilliantly in college 2) graduate near-to debt-free as possible, and 3)  move into careers that they excel at and love.  I do this with a carefully constructed series of emailed articles and Facebook page posts that give families all the information they need to do this well.

    Families who have individual questions for me submit them by


  • About Our Primary Instructor

    Jeannie Burlowski

    Jeannie Burlowski is a nationally-known speaker, consultant, and author on the subject of brilliance in college and college and graduate school admissions, and she is the author of the book...

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